ASAIHL Thailand Outstanding Teacher Award 2013

Professor Narattaphol Charoenphandhu won the ASAIHL Thailand Outstanding Teacher Award (Health Sciences) 2013 from the Association of Southeast Asian Institutions of Higher Learning of Thailand (ASAIHL Thailand). ASHAIHL Thailand was established to support and enhance the potentials of the network universities and institutions. Through the help and cooperations, the network members can reach the international level of excellence in teaching, research and community service. ASHAIHL Thailand is honored and recognized both domestically and internationally and comprises of 27 public universities and institutions and 10 private universities and institutions. ASHAIHL Thailand realizes the importance of education, which is the vital foundation of human life and essential tool for individuals to live completely in a society with body, mind and wisdom. One of the most important factors in improving human qualities is faculty. As a result, the ASAIHL Thailand Outstanding Teacher Awards 2013 project was established (initiated by the Mahajesadabodin Award project in 2003) in order to reward public and private higher education institution teachers that are in ASAIHL Thailand network and to support good teachers to develop and maintain the quality of education in higher education level. These awards are given to the teachers having exceptional creativity and dedication to the education system and are well respected by the higher education community.

ASAIHL-Thailand Award 2013 - Naratt1 - Small

ASAIHL-Thailand Award 2013 - Naratt2 - Small

ASAIHL-Thailand Award 2013 - Naratt3 - Small